Hello, I am a Senior IT Security Operations Specialist

My name is Reza Khaleghi, in Persian: رضا خالقی
I am a 1072224000 second old Iranian guy, currently working in Security Operation Control Center of TIC . I received my B.E in Information Technology Engineering in the Shiraz University of Technology in 2011 and then continued my master degree in Information Technology Systems Of Tarbiat Modares University

Personal Info

  • birth placeJahrom
  • date of birthMar 21, 1989
  • e-mailInfo@Rezakhaleghi.irR.khaleghi@tic.ir
  • phone+98-21-8811 6840
  • Skyper.khaleghi


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  • Shiraz University of Technology
    2007 - 2011
       Department of IT Engineering, Shiraz, Iran

    B. Sc. in Information Technology Engineering,My Thesis Topic is "Simulate Congestion Control Mechanisms By Opnet And NS2" [Simulation has performed in "OPNet Modeler" environment],Supervisor is [Dr. M. R.Kharazmi] and Advisor is Dr. M.Keshtgari

  • Tarbiat Modares University
    2012 - 2014
       Department of Computer & IT Engineering, Tehran, Iran

    M. Sc. in Information Technology Engineering fields of Systems Information,My Thesis Topic is "Customer Knowledge Management in Banking Industries with Accommodation of Social Network Analysing",Supervisor is Assoc. Prof M.Aghdassi and Advisor is Asst. Prof B.Teimourpour

Areas of Technical Expertise

  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Cryptography
  • Smart Cards
  • Steganography
  • Social network analysis
  • CEH and CHFI


  • Network MCITP 85%

  • CISCO Certified Network Associate 60%

  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment 70%

  • Application Programming [C#, Java [J2SE]]80%

  • Server Scripting[ASP.Net] 90%

  • Server Scripting[PHP,JSP/Servlet] 65%

  • DBMS[SQL Server,My Sql] 75%

Work Experience

  • Pendar kooshk Imen
    2013 - 2017

    This Company has been established with the aim of enhancing level of security in Iran,The major concentration of the company activities is on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI),The company has covered all technical and scientific fields in this area, including electronic certificate, digital signature, cryptography, data security, smart card, as well as security hardware and tokens

  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Company
    From August of 2017 to present

    Telecommunication Infrastructure Company is responsible for telecommunication networks infrastructure in Iran, it is working as the governmental body of ICT Ministry with the aim of creating, developing, managing, organizing, supervising, maintaining and implementing the main communications backbone of the country and continues its infrastructural activities.I work in the Security Operation Control (SOC) Center of this company


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Public Key Tool Box

PKTB or Public Key Tool Box is a Library That Can Execute All Kind of Asymmetric cryptographic Operations According to The PKCS#1 and PKCS#7 Standards ,Also PKTB can Connect to The Security Token and Smart Card and Interact with Them,PKTB Offer Its API For Both .Net FrameWork(nPKTB) and Java(jPKTB) . There is some capability of PKTB:

  • Digital Signature With Token,WebServer and Public Key Appliance
  • Encrypt,Decrypt and CmsEncrypt,CmsDecrypt According to PKCS#7
  • Sign,Verify and CmsSign,CmsVerify According to PKCS#7
  • Verification Authority For Both CRL and OCSP
  • TimeStamp With Public Key Appliance

IDIN Personalization Appliance i.e. IPA

This system is able to receive the user’s information through file and/or web services, manufacturing the required keys and then sends theses information for one or more CA and issues the required certificates. In continuation of such process, the data would be signature digitally by the internal HSM set and sends for the special card printer. Finally the information will be printed on both sides of the card and would be inserted in the chip as well

Cloud Public Key Infrastructure

With the cloud-based Managed PKI Service, you can issue, renew, and revoke digital certificates. Use services of this system to power strong authentication, encryption, and digital signing applications. And around-the-clock monitoring ensures the safety of your PKI keys

  • Access sensitive data safely, anywhere and from any device
  • Scale easily to accommodate growth
  • Streamline administration with a web-based console

Satellites' Footprints Simulator

This project is a Satellite tracking program written in Java. It allows you to predict the position of any satellite in real time or in the past or future. It uses advanced SGP4/SDP4 algorithms developed by NASA/NORAD or customizable high precision solvers to propagate satellite orbits. The program also allows for easy updating of current satellite tracking data via CelesTrak.com. Because this application was written in Java, it should run on almost any operating system or directly off the web using java web start

Three-dimensional Simulator of Naval Combat By satellite data

Three-dimensional Simulator is a Software that get Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Data and Render in Unity Engin to Simulate a Naval battle for Military Commander to Adopt the best strategy, Procedures of this Simulator is to get offline SRTM Data With an accuracy of 1 meter and then render this data and show the Result, this project present in the First National Conference on Science, Technology and Marine Battle Management Systems that hosted in the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Contact Me

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It is my Pleasure if I can help anyone in Information Security Subjects so Feel Free to Leave Me a Message I’ll Answer to you as soon as I can.

  • +98-21-8811 6840
  • info@Rezakhaleghi.ir

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